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Shetland Sheepdog Dog Embroidery Designs

Sable Head with Crystals, new for 2012
Sable Head, new for 2012, left chest logo (shown on a denim shirt) and larger sweatshirt size

Bi-Blue Sheltie Portrait
Sweatshirt:: $46

Bi-Blue Sheltie Full Body in Meadow, available in dark or light blue body: Sweatshirt: $49

New Blue Merle Sheltie with Sheep: Sweatshirt $49

Small Blue Head Suitable for Denim or Polo shirt ($38)

Sheltie Agility Sweatshirt:: $39

Blue Sheltie Portrait: Sweatshirt $39, Ladies Tee $

Sable Sheltie based on licensed artwork by artist Cindy Alvarado
Sweatshirt: $44

Tricolor Sheltie with Sheep (based on licensed artwork by artist Cindy Alvarado) Sweatshirt:: $46

Sheltie Tricolor puppy, based on licensed artwork by artist Jeanne McNally Sweatshirt: $42

3 Sheltie Puppies, all sable or multicolor: Sweatshirt: $49
Based on licensed artwork by artist Jeanne McNally
Sable Sheltie Portrait

Bi-Black Sheltie Portrait

Blue Merle Sheltie Portrait,

Tri Color Sheltie Portrait

Sweatshirt: $46, Ladies' Interlock Tee: $42, Denim: $40

3 Sheltie Heads on the back of a grooming smock ($85) or denim shirt ($75)

New crystal zipper smocks with kennel name

 All designs are the property of Embroider Bee and are copyright protected








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